Tuesday, January 29, 2013

semoga hidup dan mati kita sebagai muslim...

sesuatu untuk dikongsi sebagai ingatan buat kita semua... pagi ni... terbaca di wall abangku suatu kisah yang dikongsi oleh seorang doktor untuk kita renung dan kita jadikan ianya pedoman dalam hidup..insyaallah.. sesungguhnya pengkhiran kita di dunia ini adalah penentu kita di alam sana.. sementara nak ke pengakhiran itu.. berusahalah agar kita dapat menjaga iman dan hati kita tetap taat dan beriman hanya pada Allah yang Esa...

* kisah ini ku copy paste dari status abgku di FB

Last week, I was bleeped to go and see a patient in Coronary Care Unit, to put a cannula and to take some bloods. Before I went to see him, I saw the patient's name on his medical notes, Ahmad (not a real name for confidentiality, but it was a Muslim name). Just before I entered the room, my Muslim Registrar, Dr M, briefly said to me "Just do your stuff quickly before he tells you his stories". Not quite understood his statement, I just went in.

(For the interest of medics out there: The patient basically collapsed suddenly while walking in Castle Court shopping complex and had a VF arrest. A doctor was on scene (which happened to be my Surgical Registrar who went shopping at that time huhu) and did CPR while waiting for the AED. One shock was applied and the patient was re-established to normal sinus rhythm and brought straight to the CCU.)

As I entered the room, Ahmad greeted me with a Salaam. He's an Iranian and speaks very fluent arabic. Being in a not-so-big Muslim community in Belfast (or rather, in the Royal Hospital), it always feels good to be greeted in such way. And while I was doing my job, he started to tell me his stories:

Pakcik A: I believe you are a Muslim, Sofia?
Me: Yes I am indeed, alhamdulillah..
Pakcik A: That's what I thought. I know you are, because you're wearing a hijaab. And that's why I gave you Salaam.

Pakcik A: You know what, Sofia. I used to be a very devoted Muslim. I believed in one God, Allah. I believed in Prophet Muhammad, I prayed 5 times a day, I fasted in Ramadhan, I didn't eat pork, I didn't do zina, I didn't drink wine, I got married to a Muslim lady and I have 3 children. But 10 years ago, Jesus came to me. He came to me three times. And since then, I became a Christian. And my life has changed completely ever since..

... That awkward moment ...

Me: Oh really? That's very interesting. (Trying to maintain my professionalism..)

Pakcik A: And now I have devoted myself to calling people to Christianity. I want to let people like you know that true happiness is to believe in Jesus.

I tried to smile, not quite sure how to react.

Me: But you know I do believe in Jesus, don't you? All Muslims believe in Jesus.
Pakcik A: Yes, I know. But it's different. A Muslim believes in Jesus with his mind, not his heart. It's different.

I nodded, tried to understand and tried to get my job done. And he continued to share his stories for another 10minutes. He told me some verses from the Quran as well as the Bible. If it was not because of my endless jobs to do, I would have probably stayed there and just have a chat with him. I was too busy to actually digest every word he told me.

Later that day, I went to the prayer room to do my Zuhur prayer (actually it is just a small quiet room for all faiths to do prayers). I rarely meet other Muslims doing prayers at the same time. But subhanAllah, at that time, Allah surely wanted to give me a lesson. I met an Irish brother, asking me which way the qiblah is.

And he said to me: "I just reverted to Islam. I am trying to learn to do my prayers bit by bit. It's not that easy, especially when you're not familiar with arabic words. But I'm sure Allah knows my intention. I hope Allah accepts my deeds."

SubhaAllah, that hit straight to my deepest soul. My eyes dwelled with tears and I was trying hard to hold back my emotions. I smiled and remained silent, not quite sure what to say. I was so moved by his honesty and genuine sincerity.

It was indeed a good reflection for myself.

Macam mana Allah nak tunjuk kat saya betapa hidayah ini semata-mata milikNya. Lahirnya seorang manusia sebagai Muslim tak menjamin pengakhiran kehidupannya dalam keimanan, dan begitu juga sebaliknya. Dan walaupun selama ini hidup sebagai seorang muslim, kefahaman kita tentang Islam tidak semestinya benar. Teringat kata-kata Ustaz Hasrizal yang boleh sama-sama fikirkan: "Tidak beriman seseorang itu sehingga dia benar-benar menpersoalkan imannya dengan KRITIS."

Ya Allah, jadikanlah kami golongan yang menerima hidayah dan menyampaikan hidayah. Jadikanlah kebaikan di akhir umur kami, jadikanlah sebaik-baiknya amal perbuatan di akhir hayat kami dan sebaik-baiknya hari ketika kami bertemu denganMu. Matikanlah kami dalam sebaik-baik keimanan, ameen ya Rabbal 'aalamiin.

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